Cleaning and Maintenance of Ink Cartridge

Printers need as much care as your computer and laptop and the cartridge that you use with them has to be fully compatible for best results. Or else, your printer might also be end up being damaged. There are ways to clean and maintain the cartridges and the print heads. Here are some ways that will not only keep them clean but will also help you to save on the ink.


You might often notice a problem that ink refuses to print the paper while you know there is still ink in the cartridge. This usually happens if the printer has not been used for a while and the ink in the print head had dried up and clogged the pores. The ink which should have printed the paper gets blocked by the clogs. You simply have to remove the print head and wipe it clean. To do so, you can take a paper napkin and dampen it slightly with the cleanest water you can find, preferably distilled water and clean the print head. Many say that even hot water can be used to clean them and it can be used in case the ink had dried up a lot and the clog is a persistent one. Or else, refrain from using very hot water in the very beginning. Contact the dealer to know how to clean them in case you have any doubts.


If at any point of time,you have to take out the cartridges and put them back while there is still ink in them, then be sure to do so gently. The seal has been broken and any undue pressure might cause the ink to spill and that can ruin the entire printer. Some also try and use a vacuum cleaner hose to pull out any dried and flaky ink from the cartridge. But do not heavy pressure as the cartridge container is usually a delicate one. Be gentle while cleaning the printer and try wiping it every now and then to prevent any kind of clogging at all.


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