5 Mistakes That Your Should Avoid for Printer Cartridge Refilling!!

  1. Prints other colors instead of the one required

This indicates that either your printer has run out of yellow ink or else the ink is not flowing properly. Get the yellow cartridge out and see if it is empty and needs refilling.

  1. Everything is a shade of brown Or Colors look dirty – not precise

This can be possible if you have accidentally placed the wrong ink in the wrong cartridge or chamber. Or else, the ink might have leaked and got mixed up during the filling process. In case of latter, the best solution to such problem is either replacing the cartridge with a new one or continue printing several copies of a page until the unrequired ink is flushed out. Once the cartridge is emptied, you can carefully refill it with the compatible ones.

Sometimes issues with the software can also produce strange colour issues that can be easily solved. If the software is not installed correctly, go to the settings and change it to see if the colours improve.

  1. Prints produce stripped lines or letters are broken

This is a serious issue and can happen if the print head is partially blocked. You can solve this issue by going into the maintenance tab of the printer and perform a head clean and nozzle check. If the result is not positive, it is time to change the print head and clean it physically.  Take the head out and soak it under a very small amount of warm water. Make sure it is not very warm or it can damage the print head badly and make the situation much worse. This cleaning process should only be executed on cartridges that contains a disposable print head. However, if the head is a permanent feature in your printer, do not conduct this process.

  1. Inconsistent with the printing process

This can be an indication that the printer is not getting enough ink to produce the prints. This is far too common with HP cartridges. During the first printer cartridge refill process lots of foam is generated. However, this issue usually disappears by the time of the second refill as the process flushes away the residues of the first refill. However, at other times it may indicate that the ink is getting into the print head and blocking the ink paths and proper ink flow. Look for these blockages especially the ones created by air bubbles and paper fibres.

  1. Started to print but then stopped after a couple of pages.

This is a certain problem caused by air locks in the cartridge sponge. Check the user manuals under general filling section for sponge-filled cartridges.

Therefore, it is recommended that your printer cartridge refill in Vancouver should be carried out by a professional. Since, the printer is an important investment that serves an essential purpose.


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