4 Common Printer Problems Faced By Its Big Owners

Printer can present a range of problems that can stop the printing. The printer can run out of ink, produce poor quality prints, slow printing, paper jams and many more. In this blog we will discuss some of the most common printer issues that owners may face within a printer’s lifetime.

  1. Printer does not print

It is one of the most common printer related issue that you may face from time to time while printing. If you cannot find an error message leading you to the issue, check the connection of the printer. Verify whether the machine is properly connected to the usb or Ethernet cable. If operated by wifi, then ensure that the internet connected is on.

Sometimes the drivers may become corrupted and a quick reinstallation does the trick. You can find the printer drivers on your manufacturers download page. You can check the condition of the driver if there are no issues with the connections. If it still does not work, you should check the troubleshooting section that is thoroughly described in the user manual.

  1. My Printer is too Slow

Some printer models offer faster prints while some takes a bit more time to produce the same result. However, it is possible to speed up your slow printer. By printing in draft mode you can get faster printing results than usual. However, the quality will suffer. It is recommended to use this mode only if you are printing informal documents that do not require   high-quality printing.

You should also avoid double sided printing as this process slows the printer since it has to rotate the documents to print both the sides.

  1. The Printed Text is Low Quality

The quality of print will vary based on each printer models. For example, inkjet printers offers high-quality prints that are great for regular purpose. However, laser printers print more professional quality prints If your print quality is getting lower here are some steps you can take to sort the issue out.

Check if the printer settings are correct. You should turn off the draft mode and make sure that the right type paper is on the tray that you have selected to print on screen. However, printer is a significant investment that carries out plenty of essential tasks. Therefore, it is better to get these issues verified with a professional printer repair service in Vancouver before proceeding.

Sometimes toners can settle, you should take the cartridge out and give it a gentle and careful shake and then place it back. The quality will improve drastically. You should always clean the nozzle and the print head to ensure a smooth and efficient printing function.

  1. My Printer keeps Jamming

One of the most common and annoying printer issues are paper jamming. This usually happens when the paper is not aligned properly. This can be easily solved. Before putting the papers in the tray, make sure that the stack is squared properly.

However, if you are unsure of these issues and thing something could be hidden beneath these printer issues contact a professional printer repair service in Vancouver for the best solution.


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