2 Common Fax Machine Repairing Issues That Can Be Easily Fixed At Home

When using a fax machine, a lot of issues can suddenly pop up and that includes weird noises, troubles with phone, communication errors, unreadable printing and many other things. You could end up facing problems sending and receiving files. Here are a few common issues you might face with your fax machine that can be easily solved by either you or a professional fax machine repair service in Vancouver.

fax machine repair service

Fax Machine Repair Problem #1: Poor Image Quality

When you receive your fax, do you have the documents too dark or light in quality? Do splotches or lines appear over them? Well the problem could be easily solved by checking the density or darkness settings of your fax machine.

If the problem does not resolve, try taking out a test print. It is supposed to produce high-quality print. In that case, it means that the sender’s machine has an issue or the document itself is the problem. Send them a message to resend the document or try re-sending the image from a different machine with a high-quality printout.

If there are splotches or lines on the test print, then there could be an issue with your machine itself. A leak or spill inside the machine could a reason for that. Try opening the document feed area and carefully wipe it out of the surface with a clean microfiber cloth. Additionally, gently clean all the moving parts as much as you can, reach and swab the scanner glasses too. Something could be stuck inside any of these places that is causing these lines and splotches.

You should also check the toner cartridge to see if it is leaking or the powders are falling out, in that case shake it well and if possible change it with a new one. If all else fail, there is always a professional fax machine repair service to take care of such issue and it does not even cost that much.

Fax Machine Repair Problem #2: Ringing But Not Receiving

Sometimes, you may find that the machine is ringing but it can’t answer. It could be simply due to a feature called the auto answer being turned off. Turning it on from the settings will do the trick.

You could also check the manual to find if there is any other reason mentioned that could cause the machine to malfunction like that. Every model is different and usually comes with different default settings. You could try altering the settings and experimenting it out to see which one fixes or solves your issues.

As you can see, that most of the common fax machine problems can be easily solved at home and you might not need to call a fax machine repair in Vancouver neighbourhood to solve the issues. However, it is always better to get it checked and solved by a specialist rather than letting it persist.

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