Due to the increased need of printer and its cartridges, many people tend to throw the used ones and replace it with a new ink cartridge. This increases landfills or might also end up in incinerators. So, it is recommended that instead of throwing out the used cartridges, recycling and reusing it is a must.

Here, are some facts as well as benefits of recycling ink cartridges.


  • The printer cartridges are made of an engineering grade polymer that decomposes at a very slow rate depending on its type.
  • Some ink cartridges might also leak that might later pollute the surrounding environment.
  • If you dispose off ink cartridges in the garbage, it causes a great harm to the environment as well as the miniature life.
  • The ink in the printer cartridge is manufactured using more than three quarts of oil. So, recycling helps to lower the cost of using the oil to a considerable degree.
  • When printer cartridges are recycled, it helps to conserve the natural resources and the energy.


  • Reduces air and water pollution as well as the harmful emissions that are associated with landfills, incineration or the manufacturing of new cartridges.
  • Conserves the natural resources and reduces the use of raw materials.
  • Helps in saving energy.
  • Decreases the emission of the greenhouse gases that have an influence on the climatic changes.
  • Helps to sustain the environment for the next generation.

So, as discussed the best way to preserve your ink cartridge is to get it refilled, as an ink cartridge has the ability to be refilled 15 times before reaching its end. This also helps in improving its performance and offering you high-quality prints for a long time.

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