3 Non-genuine Printer Cartridge Refill Problem That You Aware of

Nowadays, consumers have so many options to choose the ink cartridges for their printers that they do not need to settle for a renowned brand to meet their needs. The cheaper ones offer such great choice that people can easily opt for that option instead of going for a renowned brand.

Off course, buying compatible and remanufactured inks has its advantages. Some of it includes, cheaper prices, as a result a large number of the cartridges can be bought and stored as back-up, helping you save unnecessary trips to get your cartridges refilled.

However, just like all these advantages, they have their disadvantages too. In this blog we will discuss the drawbacks of purchasing non-genuine ink cartridges over the genuine ones.

  1. The printer is printing different colours

A printer uses ink heads to control the ink flow onto the paper. It’s such an important part that many a times, the printers might need to be replaced if the ink head gets clogged up or simply wears out with age.

The consistency of ink varies with the type of printer models. For example the yellow ink in a Canon printer is quite different from the ones in a HP one. As a result, their flow, absorption and drying rate differs from one another. When an incompatible ink is used, it can leak out of the cartridge and fill the pad that the print head is seated on, before being reabsorbed into another cartridge. Consequentially combining with the yellow color to produce brown prints.

  1. The ink clogs up

Sometimes your cheap compatible ink jet printer refill can leave you with thick ink. The print heads cannot clean the heads properly and the ink ends up drying in the hole that the ink is flowing from. Consequentially, the ink cannot flow properly and the colours of the print do not match the image of that of the computer. Most of the printers have a print head clean function. However, even though it cleans clogged heads, it uses up a lot of the ink, wasting a lot of the ink, paper and time.

  1. Printer does not last longer than the cartridge stock

This is one of the most common complaints received from the printer owners that they have stocked up on cartridges to save time and unnecessary costs. However, their inkjet printer was not built to last that long. Since the printer companies are introducing new upgraded technologies every 12 months, the printer owners prefer upgrading to the latest technologies to get the best and more polished printing services.

So, the best thing to do is get your ink jet printer refilled in Vancouver by the compatible brand or get the cartridges remanufactured from a reputable and reliable supplier.




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